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Currently, I am sitting in my boyfriend’s home waiting on Hurricane Irene to pass over. We’ve got flashlights, non-perishable food, and gallons of water… I think we’re ready! Naturally, I figured what better time to start a blog than during Hurricane Irene. I can no longer watch the weather channel or the News7… it’s just freaking me out. I’ve been watching it for days now. As for sleep… that’s out of the question, Irene should be hitting here around midnight according to the news. Sure, I’ve survived Hurricane Hugo while I was living in North Carolina, but I was a baby (unaware of my surroundings) and I lived several hundred miles inland, so I’m not sure that counts.

It’s so weird to me that Rehoboth Beach, a lovely beach I was just at a few weeks ago, is now under water. My boyfriend’s mom has a house in Lewes, Delaware, which was the center of not only the hurricane, but also a tornado… we’re frantically searching the Cape Gazette trying to figure out if her beach home is still intact. From what we can gather, the tornado touched down one neighborhood east of her and no damage has been reported in her neighborhood.

Anyway… this is not a Hurricane Irene blog, so let me get to the good stuff!


Who I am:

I think I’m most comparable to Crash Davis in Bull Durham. I may not be an old washed up catcher, but I think like one. I’m a traditionalist with modern ideas. I know that’s a contradiction, don’t worry. I too believe there should be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf, but the designated hitter is the best addition baseball has ever seen. I believe Bob Sheppard was the voice of God. I believe the World Baseball Classic should be abolished and the Wild Card is sheer genius.

My name is Brittany, but call me Brit. I used to write a blog on the MLBlog network called “The Yankees Baseball Whisperer.” I recently graduated from Wingate University with a B.S. in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. I’m currently writing two books (one a novel and the other a memoir) both are based around baseball. As I search for a full-time job, I figured I’d give travel writing a try. I’m helping a food+travel writer write reviews for her new iPhone Application, which sparked an interest in travel writing within me. I’m not a “foodie” like the woman I’m helping, so I want to put my own twist on this new venture.

I’m a huge Yankees fan and must credit the Yankees with finding the love of my life. Three years ago, I started an online radio show called “A Show of Their Own.” My show was very unique. It was the only baseball centered show with an all female cast. One night, I had a man from New York scheduled to come on the show to talk about his massive bobble head collection. My boyfriend, Bill, was a friend of the bobble head collector, so he tuned in and joined the show’s chat room. I was so impressed by Bill’s wit and knowledge about the Yankees and baseball in general, that I asked him to call in. After the show we talked some more via instant message. After four and a half months of talking on the phone and instant messaging, my mom invited Bill to come down to North Carolina and go to a Yankees/Braves series in Atlanta. Bill and I instantly fell in love. We’ve been together ever since, splitting time between North Carolina and New York.

So what’s the twist:

Earlier I mentioned I wanted to give travel writing a try, but with my own twist. Well, here’s the twist: There are only 3 things in my life that I love more than the game of baseball, 1. My boyfriend 2. My family and 3. the Yankees. My parents bestowed upon me from an early age, a love for baseball and college basketball (I am from NC after all). My earliest memories of my dad are of us watching Duke Basketball games and Yankee baseball games together. My mom tells me my first word was “Baseball” followed by “da-da” and “ma-ma.” As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the game of baseball, specifically the Yankees. My room was once painted in pinstripes and I tried to convince my parents to buy green carpet (to resemble the outfield grass) to put in my room, but they decided to go with wood floors, much to my dismay. Looking back, they made the right decision. Ever year for Christmas I would ask for softball equipment, Yankees memorabilia, and books about Yankees baseball. My room now looks more like the Yankee Museum in the New Stadium rather than a 23 year old girl’s bedroom.

Baseball is my life… baseball is me, always has been… always will be. For the last two summers, my boyfriend Bill and I have been traveling up and down the east coast (and as far west as Ohio) going to Major League Baseball games as well as Minor League Baseball games. I guess you could say we’re obsessed. Our goal is to get to ever single MLB, MiLB, and Independent League baseball stadium in the United States.

We’ve made a pretty decent dent in our list these past few summers. We travel back and forth from NC and NY a lot… it’s a 12 hour trip, but we’ve never turned down the opportunity to go to a game (or even two games) on the way down or up. You heard me right… we actually stopped to watch a game in Richmond, VA at 11am one day (we left from NY at 6am to make it to the park on time) then after the game proceeded to drive to NC (the same day) and raced to make it to Durham, NC by 7pm so we could catch a Bulls game… and you know what, we made it! The drive from Durham, NC to my home in NC is still a 2.5-3 hour drive and the extra innings didn’t exactly help our cause… eventually we made it to my home around 3am… so to recap: We woke up at 6 am in NY… drove to VA and caught a 9 inning game, then drove to Durham, NC to watch a 13 inning game, and finally got to our destination at 3am. Crazy… I know. We’ve done that a few times though, stopping at different parks each time.

So, now that I made you read this long blog professing my love to baseball, I’ll finally tell you the twist or the purpose of this blog… I’m going to be writing as a travel writer, with the lens of a baseball fan. I’m going to write reviews of each stadium we go to, what to eat at the game, where to stay if you’re in town, and other nuggets of information I deem “bloggable.” I’m aware that the season is nearing an end, but I’ve already written several reviews and just haven’t put them on a blog yet… I’ve been contemplating what platform I wanted to use. So, never fear, I’ve got tons of stadium blogs to get us through the rest of the year and the off season. Not to mention, the season is still going on, so who knows… we may take off one day and go to a new park!


If you have a blog feel free to message me and I’ll add you to my blog roll. Please help me spread the word about my new blog!


Baseball Nerdish as Always,